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About Loonaq's LaunchPad

Ingenuity and imagination is the one great natural resource. The purpose of Loonaq’s Launchpad platform is to ignite that imagination in the form of helping digital and online startup entrepreneurs start their businesses.


Our Focus!

We aim to give Muslims new creative talents, creators, artists, performers, speakers, imam, da’i and producers the opportunity to be heard, seen and recognised, to potentially signed up by a record/licensing label, producers, event organisers, sponsors or investors and entrepreneurs.

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Launchpad your idea to reality! Join our digital and online

effort to transform your businesses.

Soundcloud for Muslim’s talents and performers including artists, munsyid, qari, imam, da’i, speakers,  motivators, indie labels, producers to upload contents (audio and music) and shares video to create awareness and build fanbase in the first niche platform for Muslim contents marketplace.

Muslim Digital Hub

Provide a platform to Muslim business who using all type of digital and online including social media to market and sell their product. It means to serve and build a stronger Muslim entrepreneurs community. For users, it serves as your updated online Islamic business directory to enable you to find the business resources you need from halal food to Islamic clothing, real estate services to web hosting and design.

Loonaq Records

Digital record label, audio video recording and post-production, music composition, artists management, digital distribution, social media influncer & promoting agency, talent scouting and development. Also offering local and international content partner collaborations to develop entertainer’s entrepreneurship.

One Stop event planning and management – connecting talents, performers, speakers with event planners, organisers, sponsors, investors especially halal brands, Muslims producers and entrepreneurs. Also features Event Planning directory to connect event providers and suppliers to organisers. 

All About Halal

Termendous halal growth create the needs of marketplace to find reliable Halal Training Provider and business consultancy services, from halal fundamental to global business network consultant. We welcome all license trainers to have their own training module to host their own e-learning Channel via our Learning Management System (LMS) platform.

Flensa Production

A video production company, specializing in the creation of compelling visual content for corporate, event, commercial and entertainment endeavours. Moviemaking and drones is our passion. We enjoy the entire creative process from developing concept to capturing on set and finally shaping the end product with editing, effects and colour correction. We works to achieve the results on time and within your budget.

LinkedIn for Global Muslim Entrepreneurs network directory – to enhance knowledge and increase contact list and data for business needs for all type of industries. Learning is always an everyday process and by increasing your online appearance can be good practice to stay informed and updates.

Travelog Halal

Give you easy access to find not only halal foods and restaurants but also where to visit or stay nearest Muslim’s community in non-Islamic countries, Islamic fashions, cultures lifestyle and many more. We work to explore and share. We will updates all of the experience in for our Muslim’s readers so you can have a more smooth and easier trips. You’re invited to share yours too…!

Hartanah Malaysia

Property entrepreneurs community to give guidance to person who interested to be a property developer. Workshop, event and networking will be the core of the community from property business strategies to avoiding pitfalls, step-by-step guide on how to become a property developer, tips for property development success and many more. It also contain property directory listing buy-rent-sale-invest.

Our Base!

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